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Physical Therapy

Helping patients reach their maximum potential.

At NHC HealthCare, Athens, our Physical Therapy teams provide rehabilitation services that help to restore function, improve mobility, manage pain, as well as prevent or limit disabilities that occur as a result of injury or disease.

Physical Therapy:

  • Serves as appropriate intervention for cerebrovascular accidents (i.e. strokes), orthopedic injuries and surgeries, developmental delays, and other disorders
  • Restores function, improves mobility, manages pain
  • Aids in the prevention or limitation of disabilities as a result of injury or disease
  • Reduces pain and increases range of motion through electrical stimulation, hot and cold therapy, massage, and other physical and electrical modalities
  • Uses a variety of mobility training devices like prostheses, wheelchairs, canes, crutches and walkers to help regain mobility, strength, balance and movement

Proper recovery from surgery or injury is important to maximize function and minimize complications today and down the road. Our trained teams of physical therapists are experts in the field of rehabilitation, giving you the treatment and tools you need to achieve a timely and complete recovery.

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